Friday, August 7, 2015


He provides rain for the earth; he sends water on the countryside. Job 5:10

I love rain. I love the sound and the smell. I love a good, healthy non-threatening thunderstorm. The sounds remind me of His great might.

Did you know that thunder is actually the sound of lightning? Essentially, when lightning is discharged, the intensity of it's heat expands so rapidly we actually *hear* the air being ripped apart. Frightening, really. Powerful, to be sure. But NOTHING in comparison to the might of God.

When I am startled by a huge thunderclap, I ALWAYS think of that raw power and the Power of the infinitely more Powerful One. He could crush me. Easily. In the instant that I heard that crash of thunder, His wrath could fall upon me. And guess what? I'd deserve it.

In the eyes of a Perfect God, I will never, ever measure up. A good storm needs two big ingredients, a cold front and a warm front. We bring our COLD, wretched selves up to the Heat of the Perfect flame of justice and it is a recipe for a massive storm of judgment. But he knew that before we took our first gulp of air, and He sent His Perfect Son on my behalf and on yours.

It's like the gentle drops of rain that come with those mighty storms. Drip. Drip. Drip. Cool and soft, reminding me of the perfect balance only Christ can bring at the cross.
With each sin we have committed and the ones ahead to be surrendered, His sacrifice pays our price, and whispers healing words of forgiveness and worth. Because when we surrender and accept that pardon we are no longer held for that ransom. Instead we are free to believe the sweet, calm words dripping down from above: "I've paid the price. You're redeemed. You're set free. You are of infinite worth."

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